To date, Jeanette has had three books published by Monarch/Lion Hudson plc. Although some countries no longer stock the first two books, all three are still available via the internet.

Out of Egypt coverPromised Land coverDwelling from Amazon
First published in 1990, Out of Egypt has been reprinted
on several occasions and still remains popular.

Although Jeanette does not write in such a prescriptive
manner today, “Egypt” still contains great biblical truth.

It also offers a good overview of issues that women may
have to consider as they begin their walk away from
emotional entanglements and sexual attraction towards
and behaviour with other women.
Published some fifteen years after her first book,
“Dwelling” traces Jeanette’s difficult years
following the publication of “Out of Egypt.”

Although she had certainly matured as a Christian,
Jeanette had to come to the realisation that
her SSA had not disappeared.

Accepting that truth proved very liberating for Jeanette.

This book guides the reader in ways that Jeanette
found helpful as she remained faithful to biblical
truth despite limited change in her attractions.
Unfortunately, many individual Christians and church
denominations have relinquished biblical guidelines
for relationships and embrace a world view.

But what of the SSA believer who chooses to remain

Released worldwide in January 2016, Jeanette’s
latest book gives an overview of the situation.
The majority of the book, however, encourages
the reader along their ongoing journey in the
sanctification process.

This book is aimed at both men and women.