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Endorsements for ‘Dwelling in the Land’

Dwelling from AmazonThis is Jeanette’s best book yet.

I found myself turning each page, applauding the clear thinking that was far from simplistic triumphalism, yet provided realistic hope for same-sex attracted people. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of a steadfast, pilgrim’s journey.

Shirley Baskett

Director, Renew Ministries (Australia/Pacific)

Author of ‘The Woman Who Outran the Devil’ (2005), Monarch

‘‘C’ Change: Living Renewed in Christ’ (2016), Sayline Press



I love Jeanette’s focus on Christ throughout the whole book.

She writes that Christ alone is a believer’s identity, not sexual orientation.

The book is full of grace and words of wisdom from a woman who truly lives out what she teaches by bringing same-sex attraction under the Lordship of Christ. After reading the book I was refreshed and encouraged, realising that Christ should be the focus, not sexual reorientation. I recommend this book for those who love Christ but are unsure of how to bring their same-sex attraction under the lordship of Christ. 

Anthony Martin (

“Jeanette is a warm, witty, and perceptive woman who has walked faithfully with Christ over many years through the experience of gender-dysphoria and homosexuality.
In this important book Jeanette tells her story, which is inspiring and informative both for Christians who experience same-sex attraction and those who want to support them, but also for anyone who wants the church increasingly to become a place of honesty and acceptance for all.”

Revd Dr Sean Doherty, author of The Only Way is Ethics and part of the team behind the Living Out website. 
I have read your latest book several times and it is a real blessing to me. It's very comforting to have people like yourself, explaining the realities of living with our issue. Such contact and informed knowledge gives me strength and fellowship.

Sharon, Wales
To read Dwelling in the Land is to soak in reasoned, clear, biblically based principles, lessons learned from a woman who's been there, done that, and is doing it well.
Joe Dallas author and counsellor