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Speaking and Teaching

small class teachingJeanette’s main aim is to encourage believers in their Christian walk, especially those who experience same-sex attraction. 

Just like a team coach giving the players a half-time talk back in the changing rooms, Jeanette’s teaching helps an individual assess their voyage of faith so far, reminds them of God’s overall “game plan”, and shares guidance for the continued journey. Jeanette has ministered extensively to individuals, families, and concerned congregations on the subject of homosexuality.

Due to demand, she has now adapted the majority of her teachings to make them relevant to all believers. 

Jeanette gives testimony to the truth that being at peace isn’t dependent on the absence of difficulty, but on the presence of the One in whom we can have the utmost confidence. Indeed, nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

Jeanette has not only had to address issues surrounding same-sex attraction for most of her life, but has also had to address mental health issues during her adult years. Her depressive episodes were so severe that she required hospitalisation on three different occasions during the 1990’s. Although Jeanette still lives with and takes medication for long-term cyclic depression, she has found that her relationship with the Lord has been deepened rather than damaged and her testimony strengthened during these past twenty years.

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Jeanette’s testimony is ever changing!

In 2015 she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Breast Cancer and subsequently underwent two surgeries followed by a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Once again, Jeanette found the Lord to be an ‘ever present help’ and was amazed and thankful for the peace and confidence that He instilled in her during those twelve months.

Jeanette gives her testimony with humanity and humour interjected with scriptures and a deep understanding of biblical truth. The length of this talk is adapted to complement the audience and any time constraints.

A description of some of Jeanette’s teachings can be viewed here



Photo: Christel Novella