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Teachings to date

It will take time for Jeanette to detail all her teachings on this page. However, the following is a selection of what is currently available. Please use the contact page if you want to enquire further.


The Hidden Congregation

Dear churchWho’s been sitting in your pew?

This is a one day/one and a half day seminar for all who want to understand more about the issues surrounding homosexuality and the church and, more importantly, how one can help.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Homosexuality: The Facts, the Fiction, and the Future
  • The Church: Confused, Confrontational, or Compromised?
  • The Drive of the Transgender Train
  • How can we Respond to The Challenge? How can we Respond to the Individual?
  • Who am I? Helping our Church Children navigate the Trials of Growing Up.

This series of teachings is updated regularly

Dwelling in the Land

respected author

When we forsake a life of sinful behaviour in deference to God’s commands, we open the door to blessings and to great challenges. Jeanette’s teachings address some of those challenges head on. Using her and other people’s experiences, combined with biblical truth, Jeanette offers navigational help to both men and women seeking to bring their lives under the lordship of Christ.

Who Am I?

Rejecting a self-chosen or imposed identity and embracing our God-given self is at the core of discipleship. Feeding from the Source of Life strengthens and equips a believer to grow and produce fruit in keeping with their new life.

A Surrendered Life

Jesus’ life on earth was based on surrender and submission to the Father. Using His life and that of His friend, Peter, we look at what true discipleship entails.

She Did What She Could

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. 2Ch 16:9a Laying down our own expectations, wants, and needs is no easy matter. Deepening our intimacy with the Lord, however, offers solidity and peace that far outweighs the loss we may feel.